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Since the beginning of time humankind has been followed in its development by aromas. Aromas has beneficial impact on health, spirit and moods. That’s why essential oils attracted the attention of humans even in ancient times. Each essential oil represents a delicate and complex combination of a number of aromatic components (organic compounds) which demonstrate its unique nature. It is not a coincidence that essential oils were called “hormones” of plants. Essential oils have strong aroma, they quickly pass through the skin and the respiratory system and have antiseptic, refreshing and psycho-therapeutic effect over the human organism. The oils have also anti-inflammatory, bactericide and anti-virus effects. It is these very effects which determine the broad use of essential oils in recent years  by aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy is a method of alleviation or elimination of many disorders by using essential oils. These oils are provided to the human organism through baths, massage, aromatic lamps, special and domestic cosmetics, using aromas in rooms and also as addition to food. Aromatherapy will bring back the general equilibrium of the organism, it will normalize psychological conditions, regulate the flow of blood, maintain concentration, self-confidence and work potential.

Rose Oil
Roses express their souls through aromas. They give us power to introduce harmony to ourselves and the environment. Rose oil can be used partially in medicine as component in injection solutions used in cases of respiratory diseases. It is also recommended in cases of gall stones. Rose oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasm effects. In ancient medical books rose oil is present under the names “Oleum rosarum verum”, “Oleum rosaceum”, etc. Romans filled mattresses and pillows of guests with rose blossoms. The rose aroma will bring back behavioural reactions, eliminate neuroses, increase work potential. The “King oil” will increase the elasticity of the skin and will make it soft and smooth. The oil will normalize the function of sweat glands and eliminate inflammations and irritations. Rose oil will normalize the functions of the endocrine gland, eliminate sclerotic transformations of organs and regenerate cells.

Pine Needle Oil
This oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and sputum elimination effect. The pine needle oil will neutralize unpleasant odours in rooms and by that will purify the air. The oil will increase the protection potential, energize in cases of mental exhaustion and soothe the senses. Use: aroma lamp, air aromatizer, bath, massage.

Geranium Oil
This oil will energize and reinforce the nervous system and stimulate the cardio-vascular system. Geranium oil has antiseptic effect in case of influenza and cold. The oil has anti-cellulite effect. Use: aroma lamp, air aromatizer, bath, massage.

Dill weed Oil
This oil will have sputum elimination and soothing effect. The oil will expand blood vessels and decrease artery pressure. Use: aroma lamp, air aromatizer, bath, massage.

Lavender Oil
Throughout the world lavender oil is used as  basic ingredient of medicines for pus wounds and gangrenes. Lavender oil is a very good medicine for burns. The oil has a good pain-relief effect in case of headaches, gaseous distension, neuralgia. In order to do this experts use curative lavender baths or the diseased section will be massaged with lavender alcohol. Its broad use for inhalations in cases of bronchitis and hoarse voice is well known due to its anti-septic and anti-microbial effects. Lavender oil will kill many bacteria, especially streptococci, golden streptococci and viruses. It has been established that lavender oil has soft soothing effects. That’s why it is used in cases of migraine, neurasthenia, intensive nervous heart beat. Used in therapeutic doses lavender oil may stimulate the central nervous system and help normalize the functions of the vegetative nervous system. The oil may be used in cases of insomnia, stress, neuroses, bad mood, decreased work potential, general weakness and tendency to low blood pressure. Lavender oil has a deodorizing effect as well. The therapeutic effect is achieved by aromatherapy (room air aromatizing by lavender steams) or by lavender medical baths.

Thyme oil
Superb antiseptic and analgesic in cases of respiratory system infections, rheumatism and arthritis. The oil will stimulate the blood flow, increase blood pressure and stimulate elimination of toxic compounds in the skin. The oil is used as food additive. The oil shouldn’t be used in case of high blood pressure! Use: aroma lamp, air aromatizer, bath, massage.

Coriander oil
This oil will eliminate fatigue and sense of nervousness. It is a pain relieving and appetite stimulating oil. Use: aroma lamp, air aromatizer, bath, massage.

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