Vigalex Ltd. has a successful presence in the international business field of natural aromatic products for more than 30 years

Vigalex Ltd. was registered in 1989 in Sofia.

Initially the business of the company was in trade and there were two main activities – export of medicines to Russia and essential oils to Western Europe and North America.

Since 1995 the production and trade of natural aromatic products became the main activity of the company which formed the company’s image.

Building the distillery in Gurkovo in 1998 marked the start of the own production activity of the company. On June 26, 1998 the first volumes of lavender oil were produced by the new installation. Facilities for production of rose oil started operation in 1999.

Our Essential Oils

Rose Oil

Lavender Oil

Dill Weed Oil

Dill Seed Oil

Hyssop Oil

Fennel Seed Oil

Pine Needle Oil

Juniper Needle Oil

Juniper Berry Oil

Savory Oil

Milfoil Oil

Thyme Oil

The period from 1998 to 2006 was determining for the increase of production levels. Large-scale investment was used both for modernization of production infrastructure and technological equipment and also for establishment of private base of resources. This was also a time for introduction of new production facilities, training of people and certification of the quality management system.

Today the company is among the leading exporters of Bulgarian natural aromatic products.