Welcome to Vigalex

a leading exporter of natural aromatic products for more than 30 years.

The first contracts

for sale of essential oils date back to 1991. Today the company is an internationally recognized supplier of natural aromatic products and it serves the needs of perfumery, cosmetics and food industry.

The assortment

of provided aromatic products is increasing every year. In 2004 Vigalex Ltd. started the production of organic essential oils.

The clients

of Vigalex Ltd. are both big international companies in the respective sphere and also a substantial number of smaller clients from around the world.

Throughout the years the company has developed a good basis of assets in the town of Gurkovo, WHICH is located in the eastern PART of the famous Rose Valley.

The production facilities of Vigalex Ltd. occupy a small area of 3.5 decares but it includes several compact operational and production installations for drawing out natural aromatic products through steam distillation and extraction processes and up to date warehouses.

A team of highly qualified experts works in Vigalex Ltd. The experts have extensive experience in the production and quality control of aromatic products. The company is paying special attention to the development of young experts as well.

The main concept in the work of the company is the quality of finished products. The quality is guaranteed by the quality control system introduced in 2004. The system was developed by observing the requirements of ISO 9001-2000. The system was certified by TUV Rheinland Inter Cert. Kft. It is constantly developed and enhanced.

The business of the company is focused entirely on clients – high quality of offered products, reasonable prices and excellent level of service.

Our Products

Rose Oil

Rose Oil

The oil is prepared by using fresh oil-yielding rose blossoms (Rose damascena – Miller) through water distillation. The oil is oily, transparent liquid heterogeneous mass at temperature below 23°C. It has...

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil

The oil is obtained by steam distillation of lavender blossoms (Lavandula angustifolia - Miller ). In the composition of lavender oil we have about 90% monoterpene and about 10% sesquiterpenes and polymers....

Rose Water

Rose Water

Rose water is produced at the end of the rose distillation process during the distillation of fresh rose blossoms and subsequent cohobating of distillation water. Rose water is easily movable colourless,...

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